A Bootlegging Ghost

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Episode A Bootlegging Ghost
Series Scooby Doo Sparks
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Previous Episode A Ghostly World of Jazz
Next Episode A Bad Day At The Movies

A Bootlegging Ghost is the eighty-sixth episode of Scooby Doo Sparks. It is the third episode to guest star Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids.


Why are the Sundance Kids performing in Chicago? Mystery, Inc. suspects that they might be doing something for the government as usual. Sure enough, they are investigating the Ghost of Al Capone. Mystery, Inc. figures this out when the ghost appears at the Sundance Kids concert that Mystery, Inc. was invited to attend. The Sundance Kids have been investigating the distribution of cocaine in Latin America and have traced it to its source in Chicago. The ghost was unexpected. This was the reason why Mystery, Inc. was invited to attend the concert. The two teams join forces again to stop the ghost. But who is he?


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Culprit Motive/reason
Antonio Perez as the Ghost of Al Capone To cover up his cocaine smuggling.


  • Because the Sundance Kids are CIA agents, Chicago is not officially in their jurisdiction. Therefore, Mystery, Inc. is invited to lead the investigation in Chicago.


  • Chicago, IL

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