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A Fish For A Fish is the second episode of Scooby-Doo! Mixed Mysteries.


Episode Info Edit

Episode AFishForAFishTitle
Series Scooby-Doo! Mixed Mysteries
Written by Redoalien
Air Date 7/29/11
Previous Episode Perfect Date
Next Episode n/a



A Fisherman is sitting at the edge of a dock, legs hanging over the water. It showns the water, and bubbles rise up as though someone were breathing under there. Then, it switches to a fish`s point of view looking up at his feet. Suddenly, A gilled hand grabs his leg. The man's scream can be heard as the camera zooms out showing the trees around the lake. (The gang is at the beach having a beach party with all their friends dancing.)

Fred: This party is off the hook! What better way to kick-off our camping trip than with a huge party?

Velma: Yeah, but it`s 6:40 (P.M.) and I'm in a bikini and cold.

Shaggy: Don`t worry, we can hug to warm up, beautiful.

Velma: Did you just flirt with me?

Scooby: Res. Hehe. (Shaggy elbows him) Ow.

Shaggy: Well, Ashley's gone for the next four months, so i need someone to be with. You're the only girl left in Mystery Inc. Scooby could wear a wig and highheels, but it just wouldn't be the same.

(Meanwhile, Niki and Daphne are knee-deep in the lake.)

Niki: No, Daphne. I won't do it.

Daphne: Come on, Niki. Shaggy`s a great guy when you get to know him. I think you should except his friendship.

Niki: But, my sister, she-

Daphne: Your sister`s not even around anymore so there`s no reason to hate Shaggy.

Niki: You`re right, this whole thing is silly. I should just- (She falls into the water, being pulled down by the Fish Monster.) (Gurguling) HELP!

Daphne: Niki?

(The Fish Monster jumps out of the water where Niki was.)

Scooby: Rish Riend!

Fred: To the Mystery Machine!

In the Mystery Machine...

Velma: What do we do? That thing took Niki.

Shaggy: So?

Fred: It took Daphne, too.

Shaggy: We gotta get her back!

Fred: Gang, we need to get to the bottom of this mystery. And by bottom, I mean the bottom of the lake.

Shaggy: Another underwater mystery?

Scooby: Ro way!

Velma: Come on, you two, it's the only way to get Daphne back.

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