Abandoned Factory is the 5th level in Scooby-Doo! And The Infinity Gem

Walkthrough Edit

The gang is driving to the abandoned factory in the first cutscene, but there is no cell service so they can't communicate with the mayor. They enter the factory.

Follow the dog tag trail on the conveyor belt. You will have 15 dog tags.

In the next cutscene the gang is confused because there is no one there. A little robot walks by and says he is Geeves. All of a sudden he grows giant and rampages yelling go away. The gang runs.

The chase starts avoid saws and conveyor belts going the oppisite direction. They will each cause you to lose 1 heart. After the chase you should have 25 dog tags.

After the chase, you will be in a room full of gears. The first villains will appear mini robots and space kooks. There will be 5 of each. Then grab the clue, a cell phone. To escape the room collect 10 gears and solve a puzzle involving them.

Exit the room, and you will end up in the basement. There will be 2 new villains, Frankensties and Giant Spiders. There will be 4 of each. Defeat them all and grab the next clue, a second Infinity Map!

In the next cutscene, Velma questions how there could be 2 Infinity Maps. Scooby yells watch out when 5 Frankenstiens, 2 giant spiders, 10 mini robots and 5 space kooks.

Defeat them all, then follow the path of dog tags to an electrical system. You should have 30 dog tags. At the electrical system solve another puzzle involving gears.

Enter the elevator that comes down after the puzzle. You will appear in a maze. Try to find the way out.

Once you escape there will be 10 Frankenstiens and 10 space kooks. Defeat them and the final clue will appear, a tape recorder.

In the next cutscene the gang listens to it and it says "Die Mystery Inc.!" Velma is so surprised she drops the recorder.

The boss battle will start. Use a mirror to reflect back the robot's lasers. Hit him 5 times. His lasers do 2 hearts damage.

In the end the gang does not find a culprit. They flee very scared. The camera zooms on a window of the factory. A dark figure laughs evilly.

Suspects Edit

-Dark Figure

(No culprit)

Clues Edit

-Cell Phone

-Second Infinity Map

-Tape Recorder

Villains Edit

-Mini Robots(half a heart)

-Space Kooks(2 hearts)

-Frankenstiens(3 hearts)

-Giant Spiders(3 hearts)

-Geeves(boss)(5 hearts)

Trivia Edit

This is the first level with no culprits.

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