Monster|Identity: Rumplestiltskin Tolian Sparton
Motive: To Steal all The Gold From Milian Sparton Teamed Up With Jakey & Quin

Monster Script & MoreEdit

Chap1:Rumple: Haha No-One Can Catch Rumplestiltskin Hahahahaha

Chap3:Rumple: I Tell You No-one Can Escape The Clutches of Rumplestiltskin

Chap4:Rumple: I Don't Think This Is Right, Run Mine, Run

Chap7:Rumple: No, No, (Person Voice): NO!!!

Chap8:Gang: Tolian Sparton?

Chap8:Velma: Yes, It Was Him All Along The Reason Is I Don't Know Why?

Chap8:TolianS": To Steal All The Gold From My Wife, Millian.

Chap9:MilianS": OH Deary! Tolian It Was You, Your FIRED!

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