Anthony Dinkley

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Green
Eyes Black
Occupation None
Affiliation ???
Family Mrs. Dinkley (mother)
Mr. Dinkley (father)
Velma Dinkley (sister)
Madelyn Dinkley (sister)
Played By Tara Strong

Anthony Dinkley is the only younger brother of Velma and Madelyn Dinkley. Most importantly, he is also the only son of Mr. Dinkley and Mrs. Dinkley.

Physical appearanceEdit

Anthony looks nothing like the rest of his family. He has bleached green hair, wears a reddish-brown hat, wears a grey jacket and has a black t-shirt.


Anthony is cool but is smarter than the rest of his family and sometimes even Velma. This tends to annoy his eldest sister Velma when she is trying to figure something out and Anthony says the answer.


  • Anthony wears contact lenses.
  • He naturally has auburn hair.


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