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Arley R. Swaby American Actor and Comedian.

Arley Swaby Sr.
Vital statistics
Title Protrays Fred Jones; Doopey-Doo(rumored) , Sgt. Jones,William H. Colkins Sr.
Gender Male
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Faction Appears in

Scooby Doo Mystery Mission - Arley Swaby [[Scooby Doo! : Demons Of Dracula.,, - Arley Swaby (As, Scotty Moore Jr.)Scooby Doo! Begins Now - Arley Swaby (Appeared) [Not appeared] Untitled Scooby Doo! Reboot (Appears) Scooby Doo! 5 (Not Appears) Doopey-Doo (film) (appeared)

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Status Alive
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