is a batscooby game it has 20 levels and 100 enemies in them it has at least two mini bosses and one main


playable character

scoobydoo /batman






ghoul 1 hit

chuckoo 2 hits

deedee 10 hits divided by five

bonk 8 hits

woof 11 hits

j man 10 hits

scab 12 hits

dottie 13 hits

smirk 14 hits

coe 1 hit

flame thrower clown 20 hits

strong clown 4 hits

spook thug 2 hits

ellite spook thug 10 hits

blackgate prisoners 3 hits

mugger 1 hit

goon 2 hits

creeper 9 hits

mini bosses

spellbinder levels 1 3 and  8

termanal level 4

termanals thug trio level 4

bane levels 12 and 20

big t levels 3

two face level 1

some random clown duo levels 8 and 20

crime docter levels 5 and 20

top hat joker some levels

main bosses

joker area of boss fight jokerz hideout

black mask prison boat

harley quinn prison train

royal flush gang mostliy ace card castie

mad hatter hatter hideout

man bat gothem streets 

penquin and mr freeze mr freezes hideout

hugo strange prision 

riddler riddle hideout

killer croc sewers

crazy quilt colur mansion

killer moth killer moths house

copperhead desert

rubin thorne gothem bank

mr toad swamp

professer pyg hospital

king krakken club of villains hideout

dr hurt gothem streets

scarface scarfaces hideout

the spook spooks hideout

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