Episode Info Edit

Episode 106
Series The Three Scoobies
Written by Care bear heart
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Previous Episode Dognapping Trapping
Next Episode Wrath of the mummies

Beware the Wedding is the sixth episode of The Three Scoobies.


Velma is bringing the gang to her first cousin's wedding. But apparently there's a mystery there. A ghost nun is scaring away people during the rehearsals. Can Mystery Inc. solve this wedding mystery before the bride changes her mind?




Suspect Motive/reason
Mother Bella She left the sanctuary each time the ghost appeared
Esther Nardi She disapproved Kame marrying her daughter
Brother Wayne Yount Madelyn said he was the same height as the ghost nun
Olivia Braun she bullied Arilla in high school
Faizah could easily get into the church


Culprit Motive/reason
Olivia Braun as the Ghost Nun to stop the wedding because she had a gigantic crush on Kame



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