Big Foot's Big Foot

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Episode Big Foot's Big Foot
Series Solve That Mystery Scooby Doo!
Written by Darth Hill
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Previous Episode The Western
Next Episode None

Big Foot's Big Foot is the fifth episode of the second season of Solve That Mystery Scooby Doo! It is also a bonus-episode.


Big Foot kidnapes Daphne causing the gang to save her.


The Mystery Machine drove down a road. "Oh no, we've run out of gas" Fred said. Suddenly Big Foot kidnapped Daphne and Fred chased Big Foot in the van.

Theme SongEdit

The van followed Daphne and Big Foot. "Help" screamed Daphne. "We're coming" shouted Velma. Soon the van caught up with the two. "Like, Zoinks" said Shaggy. "Reah" replied Scooby. "Like, why can't we just go to a burger shop?" Said Shaggy. "Daphne's in trouble!" Said Velma.

Soon Fred knocked the van into Big Foot's foot and Shaggy and Scooby screamed "Yikes". Then Big Foot smashed the van but Fred drove away quickly. "Aargh" screamed Daphne as Big Foot got closer to his cave.

Then Fred jumped out of the van, onto Big Foot's head and Big Foot fell onto the floor and the gang unmasked him. "Trixie, my best friend. But why" said Daphne. "You had the rich family, I had the poor. Our friendship wouldn't have worked so I wanted to scare you away so we didn't have to be friends anymore. I'm sorry Daph".

Later at the burger shop, Scooby and Shaggy gobbled up their burgers. "Rooby-Rooby-Roo" cheered Scooby.

The End

Characters and CastEdit

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