Return Of A Dragon is the eleventh episode of Scooby-Doo! And The Paranormal Adventures



The gang arrives in Tibet where Velma hopes to meet the famous researcher, Dr. Simons. They arrive at the village where they'll meet Dr. Simons only to see the villagers running away from a huge dragon. Dr. Simons arrives and tells the gang about the dragon - he and his fellow scientists uncovered the ruins of a temple of an ancient beast named The Dragon. There, The Dragon was sealed away, but their attempts to find more information about the temple, awakened The Dragon and let it escape. Dr. Simons says that The Dragon can breathe fire like any dragon, but The Dragon also has powers to make something come to life and turn anyone into a stone. The gang decides to search the temple to find out more about The Dragon. Inside the temple, the gang find The Dragon's tomb, only to be discovered by The Dragon. While escaping, the gang splits up. Scooby and Shaggy keep running from The Dragon only to see two knight armors chasing them. Meanwhile, Fred and Velma find Dr. Simons' fellow scientists who have been turned into a stone and they hear Daphne's screams. Realizing that Daphne may be in trouble, Fred and Velma go look for her. Scooby and Shaggy manage to escape from the armors and they find Daphne, but she has been turned into a stone. Fred and Velma show up and the gang decides to catch The Dragon, so they can save Daphne and the scientists. Scooby is voted as a bait. Scooby lures The Dragon to its tomb, but the trap fails. The Dragon sends his armors after the gang. Shaggy finds a mysterious cane and accidentally points it at The Dragon. A beam comes out of the cane and it paralyzes The Dragon, sending it to its coffin. Velma realizes that the cane is the magic source that sealed The Dragon. With The Dragon gone, Daphne and the scientists are turned back to normal and the armors are no longer alive. Dr. Simons and the villagers thank the gang for saving the village and they leave.

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