This is a list of exhibits for the Coolsville Criminology Museum.

Monster ExhibitsEdit

The main attraction of the museum is its monster exhibits, featuring many various 'monsters' that the Mystery Inc. gang have encountered, along with background information of the culprit and the scheme. There are various sections and wings that the exhibits can be found in, as listed below.

Original OdditiesEdit

This section of the museum features some of the first and most memorable cases solved by Mystery Inc.

  1. Black Knight
  2. Creeper
  3. Miner Forty-Niner
  4. Ghost of Mr. Hyde
  5. Witch Doctor
  6. Wolfman

Robotic RampagersEdit

This section features some of the robot monsters that Myster Inc. have encountered.

  1. Charlie the Funland Robot
  2. Snow Beast
  3. No-Face Zombie
  4. Skeleton Driver
  5. Dinosaur Spirit
  6. Robot Ninjas

Sea SpooksEdit

  1. Ghost of Captain Cutler
  2. Man-Crab
  3. Beast of Bottomless Lake
  4. Creepy Keeper
  5. Ghost of Redbeard
  6. Fish Freaks
  7. Coral Creature
  8. Creepy Heap from the Deep

Ghosts and PhantomsEdit

The Ghosts and Phantoms section is a medium-sized room in which the monster exhibits in it are organized into two categories, the Ghosts and the Phantoms. The exhibits in the Ghost section are the monsters that were claimed to be ghosts (when they were thought to be "real"), and similarly, the Phantoms, which have the word "Phantom" included in their name, or simply that as the name, and other similar things.


  1. Werewolf Ghost
  2. 10,000 Volt Ghost
  3. Rambling Ghost
  4. Gator Ghoul
  5. Ghost of Dr. Coffin
  6. Ghost Clown
  7. Ghost Girl


  1. Phantom Shadow
  2. Phantom Racer
  3. Faceless Phantom
  4. Technicolor Phantoms
    1. Chocolate Technicolor Phantom
    2. Strawberry Technicolor Phantom
    3. Vanilla Technicolor Phantom
  5. Phantom (Hassle in the Castle)
  6. Phantom (The Diabolical Disk Demon)
  7. Phantom Virus

Currently Unknown SectionEdit

These monsters are currently misc. They have been confirmed to be in the museum, but it is still unconfirmed where.

  1. Gramps the Vamp
  2. Headless Horror
  3. Headless Spector
  4. Manticore
  5. Osomon
  6. Spooky Space Kook
  7. Tar Monster

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