"Crash Alert"

Episode Info Edit

Episode "Crash Alert"
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Written by Talix
Air Date December 2014
Previous Episode Oh No, It's Mesmerio
Next Episode Who's Going to Be A Million-Scare?

Crash Alert is the ninth episode of season one of To the Future, Scooby-Doo!


Fred think he has a new way home by installing a new piece on the Mystrey Time Machine, but it only leads to more danger when an evil dummy bot wants to take the MTM on a joyride.


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Main castEdit

Guest castEdit

  • Doctor Naau
  • Doctor Assistant Bue
  • Doctor Sera
  • Officer Bot


  • The Dummy Bot
    • The Dummy Patrol Bots


  • Robots defeated


  • Neo-Coolsville
    • Insititue of the Smart-Maniacs
    • Downtown

Previous Episode:
Oh No, It's Mesmerio
To the Future, Scooby-Doo! (season 1)
Next Episode:
Who's Going to Be A Million-Scare?

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