Crusty McCraw (The Scooby Doo Adventures)
Crusty McCraw
Gender Male
Eyes Black
Hair Grey
Occupation Cleaner at Kabuku Safari Park
Affiliation Kabuku Safari Park/Abominable Creature Corp.

Crusty McCraw is the cleaner and janitor of Kabuku Safari Park. He is working undercover to discover the mystery of the Demon Tigress.

Physical Appearance

Crusty has grey hair which looks as if it hasn't been tended to in years. He has black eyes and slightly wrinkled white skin. When walking around, his shoulders are hunched over and he appears to be quite small.


When Crusty was undercover and posing as the cleaner he was grouchy and moaned a lot. He takes the personality of a stereotypical old man. He doesn't really get on with anyone probably because he is very critical of everything and everybody around him.