Daffy Duck

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Affiliation Bugs Bunny
Played By Jeff Bergman

Daffy Sheldon Duck is Bugs' best friend. Ego-maniacal and unapologetically flawed, Daffy has been staying with his best friend, Bugs Bunny for five years, until he gets "back on his feet", which takes time to do so. Daffy is a very daft and dramatic character. He is the antagonist-turned-deuteragonist of The Looney Tunes Show franchise.


Daffy (according to Bugs) is less than three and a half feet tall, and he apparently weighs less than five pounds as he couldn't lift a 4lb dumbbell which he described as "his own weight" in Working Duck.

He has black feathers, an orange beak, orange legs, and a white ring around his neck, the ring was assumed to be part of his body until Rebel Without a Glove where it was revealed to actually be a pearl necklace. While discussing surgery to stop his snoring, he discovers that he has a small insignificant bump on his beak, however Daffy sees it as quite the opposite and goes to extreme measures to remove it.


Daffy is portrayed as a self-absorbed, yet secretly insecure duck and has ridiculous schemes that always make life more interesting and very complicated. He also is prone to jealousy and can come across as dim. When the next situation seems very obvious (e.g. He asked if Granny died or got caught by the Germans even though she is there currently telling her story in Eligible Bachelors) he either doesn't know what to say or answers the last thing that he can think of. Daffy is also very extreme and ambitious whenever he plans his crazy schemes. And like Bugs, he is also short-tempered and gets irritated easily.

Daffy is a compulsive liar, lying is apparantly one of his best skills as he's often able to fool, and con everyone he meets, even characters who are held as more inteligent than he is such as Tina. Daffy however often lets his lies get out of control, and even starts to belive them himself if left for too long. He is not above abusing or exploiting things in his favor, or at least trying to. He is manipulative enough to even trick Bugs into going allow with his plans, on occasion, and often shows a complete disreguard for the rights of others. Though, this is more down to his own greed and stupidity than true malice. Deep down he is a good person, and truthfully cares about and appriecates his friends.


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