Daphne Anne Blake is the fashion-loving member of Mystery Inc.. Daphne, depicted as coming from a wealthy family, is noted for her red hair, her fashion sense, and her tendency to get into danger, hence earning from Fred Jones the nickname "Danger-prone Daphne".

Daphne Blake
Daphne Blake 1

Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair Orange/Red
Eyes Black
Occupation Member of Mystery Inc.; Teen Magazine Reporter
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Family Nedley Blake (father); Elizabeth Blake (mother); Shannon Blake (cousin); Jenkins (butler)
Played By Grey DeLisle


Daphne Anne Blake was born to Nedley and Elizabeth Blake sometime in 1990. When she was in 2nd grade, she and her family moved to Coolsville, Ohio, where she met Fred Jones, Shaggy Rogers and Velma Dinkley, and also developed a crush on Fred. When the four entered high school, they formed Mystery Inc., with Shaggy's dog Scooby-Doo as their mascot.



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