Daphne Blake

Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair Strawberry Blonde
Eyes Lavender
Occupation Student
Affiliation Fred Jones (Boyfriend)
Velma Dinkley
Shaggy Rogers
Scooby Doo
Family {{{family}}}
Played By {{{played by}}}

Daphne Blake is the member of the Mystery Incorporated. She is a vain yet compassionate teenaged girl who was quite skeptical and sarcastic (especially towards Fred). She also had a deep infatuation with the color pink (opposing her original counterpart, who prefers everything in purple).

Physical appearanceEdit

Daphne is an attractive teenaged Caucasian female, with chin-length strawberry blonde hair, with soft bangs, and lavender eyes. Her outfit consists of a long-sleeved sweater, white skirt, and pink pantyhose with white go-go boots. She has her A Pup Named Scooby Doo appearance, but is now taller.

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