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Dawn Demon
Dawn Demon

Character Info Edit

Identity Dick Raligan and the Janitor of the Dynamite Factory
Motive Both to steal money from the banks
Appearances At Dawn's Light
Type Demon
Location Dynamite Factory

The Dawn Demon was, according to local legend, a coal miner who met the devil and turned into one of his followers. He was later revealed to be two people, Dick Raligan and the Janitor of the Dynamite Factory.

Physical appearanceEdit

He is all red and all muscle. He also has wings and looks rather like the Jersey Devil.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

According to Mr. Blake, he could fly.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

He first appeared when Mr. Blake spotted him. Then, he was in the dynamite factory, which was his hideout. It turned out he was two people, Dick Raligan and the Janitor of the Dynamite Factory, each trying to frame the other without knowing that the other was also a Dawn Demon. (At Dawn's Light)


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