Dex dexter 174x252

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Orange
Eyes Black
Occupation Scientist
Affiliation Horton-Doo
Family Dee Dee (sister), Mom (mother), Dad (father), Grandpa (grandfather)
Played By Candi Milo

Dexter is a boy genius who has a secret laboratory and is the main character of Dexter's Laboratory. His intelligence makes him the brains of the family. He is usually working on gizmos and gadgets, but his sister Dee Dee is always destroying his creations.


Dexter is an extremely intelligent boy (a self described "Boy Genius") who has been creating fantastic inventions since he was a baby. He considers Albert Einstein to be his greatest influence. He is normally in conflict with his sweet 15-year-old sister Dee Dee. Dexter, though highly intelligent, often fails at what he has set out to do when he becomes overexcited and makes careless choices. He manages to keep the lab a secret from his clueless, cheerful parents, who amusingly never notice any evidence of the laboratory, even when it was right before their eyes. Despite coming from a typical all-American family, Dexter speaks with a Russian accent, a reference to Tartakovsky's own accent that he spoke with during childhood and prank calls Rob Renzetti sent to Tartakovski while the two were at CalArts. Dexter's favorite superhero is Major Glory.


Dexter is very short, has curly red hair, semi-circular glasses, a white lab coat with a black button, purple gloves, and black boots.


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