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Episode 105
Series The Three Scoobies
Written by Care bear heart
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Previous Episode Beauty Pageants, Scary pageants
Next Episode Beware the Wedding

Dognapping Trapping is the fifth episode of The Three Scoobies.


News about dognappers have been on the front page of Coolsville newspapers for one and a half months, so the gang starting investigating to see where all these poor dogs are being taken to. While splitting up, they run into their friends Nita Thomas and Grumpy Paws from Coolsville grammar school Photograph club, who both want the inside story as well. Can their young friends be the culprit?


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Suspect Motive/reason
Mr. Morrison He hates dogs of rich people
Randy He was strangely sneaking around
Marquette Claireaye Only her dog wasn't dognapped
Karen Samuels She was sure the dognaps were just prank from neighborhood girls, when Scrappy made a trap for the Cat-head dognapper he caught her instead


Culprit Motive/reason
Mr. Morrison as the Cat-head dognapper To get revenge on the dog owners of the dogs he napped for making fun of his granddaughter just because she had a pet pug

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