Evil Leprechaun
Evil Leprechaun

Character Info Edit

Identity Mr. Higgins
Motive To ship the Blarney Stone to a museum
Appearances Cover Clover
Type Leprechaun
Location Blarney Castle

The Evil Leprechaun was haunting Blarney Castle. He was later revealed to be Mr. Higgins.

Physical appearanceEdit

He looks like a normal leprechaun but he is huge and has a cane.


He likes to be amused and is very greedy.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

He can make floors move around and stone doors close automatically using magic.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

The Evil Leprechaun scared tourists from Blarney Castle. He was actually Mr. Higgins intending to ship the Blarney Stone to a castle. (Cover Clover)


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