Falcon Waymen
Falcon Waymen

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Occupation Museum owner
Affiliation Transylvanian Museum
Family Unknown
Played By (voice actor)

Falcon Waymen is the owner of the Transylvanian Museum. He hired the gang to capture Dracula and was a possible suspect.

Physical appearanceEdit

He looks rather like a businessman instead of a museum owner with a blue shirt, tie and briefcase. He has glasses, black eyes and black hair.


Falcon is kind and nice to the gang. He is also patient and explanatory, but when does not like his workers much.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

He requested the gang's help in capturing Dracula at the Transylvanian Museum and told them the possible suspects (though he was one himself). He closes the museum so that the gang could unmask Dracula. (Ze Vampire)



"You guys are 'Blistery Inc.' right?"


  • Falcon has a very unusual name.

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