Fire Nymph
Fire nymph by sladeside & me




flame orange


glowing Red


Regina Wentworth


To get revenge on Mystery Incorporated for getting H.P. Hatecraft's job back

Powers and Abilities

Flight, Throwing fire, can buring books and school property

The fire nymph was the diguise of Regina Wentworth, the author of the Dusk vampire series and former teacher at Darrow University

Physical appearanceEdit

She had flame orange skin wearing an orange-red greek robe. Her hair was short and looked like a burning fire. Also she was wearing dark orange shoes, with a buring hand bracelet.


Regina was angry at Mystery Incorprated for helping H.P Hatecraft get his job back so she disguised herself as the Fire Nymph in order to detoy them as a result for her revenge .

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