Flatbush Mansion
Flatbush Mansion
Type Mansion
Part of Flatbush
Owned by Tiffany
Haunted by Baron of Brooklyn
First appearance Nabbed In New York

The Flatbush Mansion is the current residence of Tiffany. She lived there with her three servants, and it was haunted by the Baron of Brooklyn. It is located in New York's Flatbush suburb, a little bit into a forest (which is why there are no buildings next to it).


Early lifeEdit

Tiffany and her three servants moved there from France, much to the dislike of Gerald Jalikans.

Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

Tiffany called Velma to come to her mansion to investigate the Baron of Brooklyn, which was apparently haunting her mansion. The gang went there and investigated, and later Tiffany was kidnapped by the Baron. Actually, the Baron was Tiffany herself. (Nabbed In New York)


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