Franklin Siegel
Franklin Siegel

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Gray
Eyes Black
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Family Bugsy Siegel (grandfather)
Played By (voice actor)

Franklin Siegel is a descendant of Bugsy Siegel. He was a suspect for the Ghost of Bugsy Siegel.

Physical appearanceEdit

He is an old man with a cane and suspenders. Also he has not much gray hair, black eyes and a green shirt.


He is rather stingy and annoying while talking and talks with an old-style voice.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

Fred and Daphne encountered him in the Flamingo Hotel, and he said that his grandfather Bugsy Siegel created this hotel but got no credit. He said that he should be the owner. He also drops a piece of cloth reading Franklin Enterprises. (Vegas, Baby!)



"Yep, ah shore ahm proud o' me famalie...whut 'bout y'all kiddies?"


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