Fredrick Herman Jones, nicknamed Fred and Freddie (which is what he went by as a preteen), is the self appointed leader of the Mystery Inc. gang, and (usually) the driver of the van; the Mystery Machine. Fred is a blonde, ascot-wearing, statuesque and brave youth; everything that the group's other male human member, Shaggy Rogers, isn't. 

Fred Jones
Fred Jones

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Black
Occupation Leader of Mystery Inc.; Mystery Novelist
Affiliation Mystery Inc.
Family Skip Jones (father); Peggy Jones (mother); Eddie Jones (uncle)
Played By Frank Welker


Fredrick Herman Jones was born to Skip and Peggy Jones sometime in 1996. At age 6, he and his family moved to Coolsville, Ohio, where he met Shaggy Rogers and Velma Dinkley. In the 2nd grade, Daphne Blake moved to Coolsville and Fred grew a small crush on. When the four of them entered high school, they formed Mystery Inc., with Shaggy's dog Scooby-Doo.


TV ShowsEdit


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