"Fright Knight of Nights"

Episode Info Edit

Episode "Fright Knight of Nights"
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Written by Talix
Air Date Feburary 2015
Previous Episode What a Ride for the Ghost of Nye
Next Episode Can You Fear Me Now?

Fright Knight of Nights is the fifteenth episode of season one of To the Future, Scooby-Doo!


The gang is shock that there is a musuem that is named after them, but it leads to trouble when they get trap in the musuem and that someone has recreated their first monster they every caught.


Added later


Main castEdit

Guest castEdit

  • Dr. Wilks
  • Curator Xaviver
  • Lewis
  • Mrs. Umbridge
  • Officer Bot


  • Fright Night


  • Robot defeated; Dr. Wilks (controller)


  • Neo-Coolsville
    • Mystrey Inc. Museum

Previous Episode:
What a Ride for the Ghost of Nye
To the Future, Scooby-Doo! (season 1)
Next Episode:
Can You Fear Me Now?

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