"Future Shock"

Episode Info Edit

Episode "Future Shock"
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Written by Talix
Air Date September 2014
Previous Episode First episode
Next Episode Hard Lessons at Horror Academy

Future Shock is the first episode of season one of To the Future, Scooby-Doo!


After an accident with Prof. Dudely's new time machine, the Mystrey Inc. and their new ally, Suri, are sent to Neo Coolsville 3014 where they are soon embroil in the mystrey of a renegade bot that is damaging an institute.


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Main castEdit

Guest castEdit

  • Professor Dudely
  • Doctor Naau
  • Richard Richards
  • Officer Bot#1
  • Officer Bot#2


The Renegade Robot


Robot terminated


  • Coolsville Present Day
    • Coolsville Tech University
  • Neo-Coolsville
    • Insititue of the Smart-Maniacs

Previous Episode:
Series Premiere
To the Future, Scooby-Doo!' (season 1)
Next Episode:
Hard Lessons at Horror Academy

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