Gerald Jalikans
Gerald Jalikans

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Occupation Chef
Affiliation Tiffany's mansion
Family Unknown
Played By Actor

Gerald Jalikans is Tiffany's chef. He was a possible suspect for the Baron of Brooklyn.

Physical appearanceEdit

Gerald looks rather like an Italian chef, complete with a moustache. He wears a chef's outfit.


Gerald is always scowling and he wishes that Tiffany would go back to France.


Early lifeEdit

He was forced to move with Tiffany's family to New York from France, which he didn't like.

Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

He appeared when Tiffany greeted the gang and he was scowling and then told Tiffany to move back to France when she introduced him (much to the annoyment of Tiffany). (Nabbed In New York)


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