Ghost of Shari Lewis

Character Info Edit

Identity Mr. Walter Cickerman
Motive To make Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop quit their career so he can do him ventriloquist act to children
Appearances Mommy Blues
Type Ghost
Location {{{location}}}

the ghost of Shari Lewis is the ghost of the well-known ventriloquist, Shari Lewis, who brought Lamb Chop to live and is the mother of Mallory Lewis. But the ghost was actually Mr. Walter Cickerman. He used the Costume to make Mallory and Lamb Chop quit their job so he can do a replacement act.


The costume is a half dead vision of the real Shari Lewis. Since she was cremated, it wears the clothees she wore in Lamb Chop's Play Along only alittle burnred.


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