In Los Angelos, there was a fashion contest going on. A ghost called the fashion phantom showed up and trashed the place. One gets kidnapped by the phantom. The gang showed up to the studio to see the fashion show and watch different people compete. everything was going well until the lights went out. It came back on, and one competition was missing. The gang decided to solve the mystery. The gang split up. shaggy and scooby search for food. They found all kinds of food.They heard evil laughter and saw the fashion phantom. they ran

and saw the gang.They decided to make a trap.They noticed that Daphne is gone. The gang neede to save her and capture the phantom. With the trap set up, Scoby and shaggy are bait. They captured the phantom and it was one of the judges. He did it because he wanted in. But because his lack of talent, he planned it to face revenge by eliminating contestents. They found Daphne and the rest tied up in a closet. They rescued her and enjoyed the fashion show

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