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I know, I know... My English isn't good and I can do lots of mistakes. If you can, please, correct me.
Help us, Scooby-Doo!
Pomóż nam, Scooby-Doo!
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Premiere Airdate 03.05.2017
Premiere Episode Jealousy, Wedding and Explosion
Original Network Boomerang, Polsat
Running Time 15 minutes to 30 minutes
Seasons 6 (actually version)
Episodes 30 (in one season)
157 (all)
Previous Series Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!
Next Series What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Help us, Scooby-Doo! (pl. Pomóż nam, Scooby-Doo!) - series based on Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, but it isn't this.


  • Age: +6
  • Author: Hund12
  • Type: Comedy, Adventure
  • State: Ongoing
  • Original Version: Is Here
  • Objective: Invite 10 seasons (300 episodes)

About seriesEdit

Action of Help us, Scooby-Doo! is going on in the 21st century. Friends are still young and foolish, so they like to fool around. They're silhouettes look like Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!.

Scooby-Doo will help Adele defeat a vampire, with Marilyn Monore will fight a terrible count in the castle in Kruszwica, from the WWE throw out a 1000-volt virus and even meet his cousin - Scooby-Dum! In addition, the dog will know that a plain wooden horse is not a toy...

Shaggy will miss Scooby when he gets lost in the camp. He will also look for the perfect apartment in places like New York or San Myshuno.

Fred falls in love with Angelina Jolie on plane the film "Agent 500+" and in Sofia on Tatralandia. He will also try to beat the Interdimensional Sorceress in Pointa. He will be sent to jail by the unfortunate court verdict and will be training hard at the gym.

Velma Velma defeats her fear of water. She will also be lying on the hospital bed after her spirit is beaten at the EURO championship. The girl will also win several hundred times in Tetris and will be applying for the recovery of her glasses in Tatralandia.

Daphne takes Fred to the altar and tries to marry him. The girl will also thank for pink shoelaces, catch Pokemon, listen to Italian music. The woman must also save the city in another reality as a superhero and even have a donkey - Dwayne.


Episode number Polish name English name Music Enemy
1st Season
01 Wybuchowy ślub Jealousy, Wedding and Explosion Volver a comenzar Frida the Skeleton
Friends are going to Velma's cousins Jawwy, who wants to be married with Gwidon. It turns out that at the wedding house 'Florian' where are Frida the skeleton, who's throws her explosions bouquets everywhere.
02 Zabawa wymiarami Interdimensional Chase Go to the dimensos! Ghost of the Dark
At Nicolaus Copernicus Science Center the Velma's friend, Bruno Gestle made the time machine. Detectives wanting to capture a monster, who intends to steal the machine, teleport themselves in between dimensions.
03 Scooby-Doo, spotkajmy się! Scooby-Doo, Let's be Together! Beautiful now Thiefer
Windenburg - is a small, rural European-style town. In the ruins there are often big parties. They have resurrected Thiefer, who wants to destroy this city.
04 Tajemniczy ogród Romantic Mystery This girl Grimm Reaper
Daphne always dreamed to throw a coin into the well of wishes. To do this, detectives go to the garden in Willow Creek. Unfortunately, instead of wishes, there is a nightmare...
05 Farma gamerskiego strachu Fear the Sheep Transylvania polka Terrorist Sheep
There are a lot of sheep farms in Podhale. One turns into a terrorist and deters YouTubers, who wants to play "Minecraft".
06 Basenowy rock Poll and Ridiculous Bullies Tuesday, Ich kann nicht Rock'n'rool Phantom
Windenburg has the world's first swimming pool. Recently refurbished, this is a great opportunity to relax. When Rock'n'roll Phantom appears and Fred drinks a poisoned drink, relaxation becomes a mystery.
07 Elektryczny aquapark The Bulb Rycerska muzyka Newton the Electric Bulb
When a lovely day in Tatralandia comes to the end, detectives must return to the Mystery Machine, but a light bulb named Newton is blocking their way. Detectives must stay in the aquapark and solve the electric mystery.
08 Dakar katar Sick Dakar Rally Swing batter batter Ghost of Dakar Rally
Fred's friend - Chuck Mangum takes a part in the Dakar Rally. The lovers of laziness challenge calls for help after the mysterious rider pushed his car into the abyss.
09 Wampirzy hit! The Vampire on the Stage Hello Vampire
Adele practicing for the concert didn't know about vampire, who wants to attack she. By then, the girl quit, Daphne can be a new music star.
10 Kinomaniak Cinema and Clothes Ghostbusters Jack Wolfskin's Ghost/Angry Wolves
In the film's evening at Daphne's sister - Eleonora, out of the projector jumps Jack Wolfskin's spirit with army of angry wolves. Shaggy must save Scooby from changing into a wolf. Fred will try to tame this ghost as Ghostbuster.
11 Patio na wypasie Cool Patio I'm in love with my life Scooby-Snacks Monster
When having a whirlpool bath, it is easy to forget the problems around. Unfortunately, it's hard to do that, when the monster are near and everything is scuffing Scooby-Snacks mass!
12 Klik! I rządzisz kim chcesz! Click! And the Boss What you Want! Everywhere I go (kings and queens) Crazy Scientist
Oasis Landing is full of technical innovations. Probably because it's the "FuturoSim" lab. Recently the novelty is not at all because the mad scientist is fighting the good. Will the detectives defeat the scientist in a weakened squad without Fred, who will be hypnotized?
13 Wewnętrzna harmonia Long Spa Day Relax Spectrum Masseuse
At Newcrest's spa relax is ewerywhere. It is worse with food. Shaggy and Scooby looking for it come upon a Spectrum Messeuse. Daphne relaxation disturbs the ever-complaining woman - Genovefy Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft.
14 Zalustrzane widmo Ice Cream, Ice Cream, Ice Cream and Spectre Sul sul Marryiece
Eating a strange ice cream from a special machine at Oasis Landing in Lucia Pedicle Daphne goes to the bathroom to do makeup. Unfortunately in the mirror Marryiece appears and captures a beautiful girl. Can her friends manage to pull her out of the terrible mirror of the other side?
15 Wielka wystawa w małej Francji Thank you for "Pink Shoelaces" Pink shoelaces Model From Behind the Grave
In France there is a large exhibition for this country. While preparing the models, Shaggy and Scooby come to the banquet room and eat all food. Friends must leave to nearby gallery. There was a model from behind the grave. At one moment, Daphne is dying her hair at purple and Fred dying his hair at blue.
16 No to Rio! Piñata = Evil! Mini Carnival Piñata
Rio is beautiful! The biggest carnival at the world has got drawbacks - appears Piñata, which has the objects-izing power. Daphne will not be able to solve this puzzle, because when searching for clues she's kidnapped...
17 Walentynki bez miłości When Love Goes Away... Love me again Lustra Lemon tree Unromantic Angel
At Cracow Daphne still shows love to Fred, who didn't love she. When an Unromantic Angel coming and scored someone arrow, this immediately lost feeling. By coincidence, Fred fell in love arrow and he falls in love with Daphne, who by the arrow of despair lost to him feelings.
18 Blok pełen kanalii Haunted Restroom Paździoch show Toilet
In Kiepscy's block is a problem - Arnold Bacon can't use toilet at 1st level, which hinders Paździoch and Kiepscy. When a Mystery Inc. come into action, it turns out that those toilet is haunted...
19 Życie za szycie Cats Than Haunt Ona czuje we mnie piniądz Putty Grandma
Tourists kidnapped while exploring Sewingersses? Detectives went on unraveling the next mystery. Daphne almost lose life, but she and Frederick regain their natural hair color.
20 Coś, co przybyło z kosmosu... Space in One Being Negativitron over there Negativitron
During the tour at Krupówki big Negativitron arrives destroyed the World Crafts. Unfortunately, Earth beast was so much electricity that came to life, and it is able to pull all...
21 Historia o ser Scooby'eusie i jego druhu ser Kudełatemu History About the Dog and the Fellow, Who Saved the Old Capital of the Polish Country Go to the tower! (other text) Tatars
Poor Scooby - became ill and now must lie in bed. Shaggy found something to cheer and pulled out his books from childhood.
22 Stary ginie, nowy przybywa... The Dogs are Always What? They are Very Cool! Cha Cha Cha! Przygarnij mnie Mrs. McCatch
After catching rebellious Techy turns out that Scooby-Doo was gone. When the dog is trying to find friends, mrs. McCatch take the poor dog to the shelter. Brigade sadly decides to adopt a new pet.
23 Krążek III Disc III Illuminati confirmed Japanese
Marian Paździoch has a problem - recently he watched horror movie entitled Disc III. Sadly, since then it persecutes his dark Japanese.
24 Kryształy są magiczne Where are the Ruins, There are Crystals! Summer Monster from the Bottom of Lake
Scotland - picturesque country. In one of the village near the lake are located ruins don't know what. A monster from the bottom of the lake every day is looking for something there.
25 Biblioteka vs. nowoczesność Old Stamping Grounds The sorcerer Robo-Man
In Myślenice's MOKIS Velma take a part at the theater. Shaggy and Scooby think the tablet is their baby. When Fred receives this device, the boys must go to the library. They notice that he's scaring Robo-Man!
26 Niech boss nie będzie z tobą Very Really Game Home Wither Storm
Friends go to Messy City in China. The best player in the world lives right there. He also has a super-computer. After bought the game 'Minecraft Story Mode' and crash computer while gaming, to World comes the boss of these reality - Wither Storm.
27 To "Hero" czy "Brain"? Man With White Eyes Pintball of the undead Herobrine
Cookie Town is a small settlement located unknown where. Vertez, the biggest bully in school, hate to good students - Gareth and Hund. At some point he goes too far and as a joke he speaks a spell to summon the legendary destroyer - Herobrine. This one is resurrected and has tremendous power. Can Scooby with Vertez and Steve defeating a mysterious character?
28 Niby kraina miodem i mlekiem płynąca... No do Good, Let's do Bad, the People Must be Sad Beast from lagoon Aiden
Englishman Aiden was smart enough to trick the presidential election. But the dominion of England was not enough for him, and through his skills he took over the world and no one was able to oppose him.
29 Bilet do Druzgolasu Manglewood - No Return Manglewood OddSock
The Mystery Machine fell into the tar at Manglewood. Everyone went to seek help. Shaggy and Scooby come across a great animal - the agile OddSock!
30 Ptasia Laguna Go Out of the Tower! Bunkum lagoon Smart Spider
The Queen of Bunkum is the first after Małgorzata Rozenek the perfect housewife. She fell to a really low level after her kingdom began to be terrorized by a mutant spider.
2nd Season
31 Fuj, wszędzie ścieki! I Think I'm Sick! Batteroo Monster From Sewage
In France, a big tourist attraction are sewage. There are also Shaggy and Scooby, thinking that the Eiffel Tower will be the monster. But it is in the sewage monster rafts. In addition Velma catches the disease and sneezes constantly.
32 Muzyka - to, co kocham Flower Song Race against sunset Organist
Ziggurat is a land that is eternally covered with snow, with gentle singing and humming. But when the organist comes with his bad music, he destroys this beautiful object.
33 A la pow pow! Pow Pow Boom! Counting stars, Agosto Terrorist Pug
The news of terror has spread throughout the world. Detectives didn't know that the attacks were already in Italy, but this country is terrorizing by... pug?
34 Dżuma nie wóżba Who Like Pestis? One, two, three Pestis Doctor
Plague was a lethal disease. The doctors wore bird masks at that time so that the disease didn't affect them. This is what appears in the Cracow Lexus Salon when the Mystery Inc. wants to change the new car.
35 Kosmiczna trauma Romantic Space W stronę słońca Cosmonaut
Fly Darrow is a billionaire who's able to do everything. Once upon a time, he's trying to pick people who are traveling with him to Mars. Scooby and Shaggy thought it was a baton of the same name, so they entered the contest.
36 Żony Hollywood & Scooby-Doo! Hollywood Wives & Scooby-Doo! Brodway Street UFO
This time the episode is quite unusual - friends will talk about how they defend Hollywood wives against two one-eyed UFOs.
37 Każdy ze złota, kto się świeci Everybody are Gold, They are REALY GOLD! Bad Gold Man
Daphne can't enjoy the fact that she and her friends are going to Tatralandia. But next to it appeared a new aquapark - Zabavova. Friends are going there despite Daphne's protest. However, in Zabavova haunts the golden man, who with one touch will turn anyone into a golden statue.
38 Tajemnica zamku Kruszwica Vampire Like White Lady Dzieci wybiegły Vampire and White Lady escapes from the castle Kruszwica when it starts to vampire there. When the Mystery Inc. arrives, he meets Gwidon, who works there in prison. Marilyn Monroe comes to the castle for holidays. When this woman falls into the well, the White Lady also appears in the castle.
39 Przebój na sto dwa! The Rowdyruff Boys 7 years Stressed out The Rowdyruff Boys
In Townsville, Powerpuffers are losing the fight against the Rowdyruff Boys. They take their powers and fly on to defeat the world.
40 Szoping! Shopping! From Reserved Mummy
In Cracow, the gallery is located near highway. Velma wants to take part in casting for the film. Daphne is in Reserved and tries to find clothes for Fred. The man doesn't like any of the clothes offered by Daphne. At this gallery is haunting a mummy!
41 Witaj duchu jak z horroru Hello, We Are Here Czym prędzej się wybierajcie start at 1:05 Mighty Clown
Holidays are wonderful! Especially those celebrated in the winter. But when the Dark Clown appears, the spell bursts.
42 Diabeł w psiej skórze Ksara - The Worst Dog On The Earth Good Fool! Demonic Ksara
At Shaggy's aunt - Wanda - is a BBQ. Unfortunately, aunt's dog - Ksara turns into a demon. In addition, Scooby will meet someone unexpected there.
43 Ognisty roller-coster i elektryczna fabryka w wiosennym ogrodzie Bad, Bad Travel Ruda tańczy jak szalona -
During the hero's return to the World Crafts, this comes and destroy the invitations for the welcome party. They are spread all over the town. Detectives need to find them all and send them to the guests before it is too late.
44 Spokojnie, to coś to nie Mary Lennox... It Has Got Something From Mary Lennox Piwniczka z winem Cholera Monster
This story is completely different at another time, The Mystery Inc. is a poor people living in Africa at the end of the 19th century. There's one girl who has got lots of money and she's a hated child - Marry Lennox. Once in her possession a cholera monster appears...
45 Mroczna strona Warszawy Warsaw From Dark Parts Cykady na Cykladach I hate this girl Mystery Phantom
Friends in connection with traffic jams in Warsaw decide to rent apartments for a few days in a nearby estate. Daphne gets the chance to play in the Manaam hit titled Cykady na cykladach. Unfortunately, there is something on the estate from the dark side of power...
46 Pechowy wyrok sądu Where Is a Shop, There's an Explosion Ostatnia nocka Skeleton police officer
About the explosion in the shop The Argos, the court accuses Fred Jones of being near him. This young man goes to jail and Daphne is very sad.
47 Agent 500+ The Love Potion Here she comes again Rusty about a hundred tentacles
On the set of the movie Agent 500+ there appears rusty about a hundred tentacles who's think about she's a 500+ agent. When detectives come to the set, Fred saw Angelina Jolie and falls in love with her. Daphne finds a potion of love and thanks to it she made Fred love her again... But for a long time?
48 Lodowata impreza Do Not Freeze, Scooby-Doo! The time of my life Ice Monster
December 24, the most important holiday of the year - Daphne's birthday. When the ice monster shoots with the power of the permafrost, the party must be stopped.
49 Mam dość anime, Scooby-Doo! Anime The sign Anime Ghost
Velma based on his books finds the location of the anime gate. He and his friends go there. Unfortunately, after entering the gates, the gates are closed indefinitely...
50 Głośny sylwester i cichy zielon Cracovians and Highlanders Lighthouse x Gree
Restaurant Cracovians and Highlanders in Krzyszkowice is a perfect place to celebrate the big New Year's Eve. Unfortunately Shaggy and Scooby looking for the crisp threw by Fred, found a lot of green slime and... green skeleton.
51 Spółka Tajemnica Inc. Mystery Inc. Mystery (other text) Flour Lech
The beautiful Polish peninsula called Hel is a mysterious and enigmatic place. For some time in the town is haunted ghost of Flour Lech, who died during World War II. Unfortunately, here detectives will have a harder nut to crack...
52 Luksusowa starówka w Gdańsku Luxury Party In Old Town Save tonight Chcemy być sobą Fire Skeleton
Gdańsk has a beautiful old town. Surprisingly - in some places it is modern. Fred after the quarrel with Velma split up. This along with Shaggy and Scooby are confronted by a skeleton throwing a fire.
53 Janosiku, powiedz przecie, który z górali robi przecier? Come to Mountains! Może będzie lepiej Janosik
A trip to Giewont during a storm is extremely risky. Unfortunately, the detectives went too far to come back. The peak is at hand... Maybe not to the end, because Janosik is coming!
54 Tajemnica Windenburdzkiego zamku Two Ghosts, One Fear Przybądź do Windenburgu! Bernard and Mimoza as Ghosts
Windenburg besides ruins also has a beautiful castle. Long live there Velez and Lady von Szczypior. After the tragic parting and death, their ghosts haunt the palace, and the present owner has no income.
55 Jednostka 303 Entity 303 Dangerous Mystery Creature
Chochołów Therms are very popular! But under the scaffolds of this park, Entity 303 prepares a bad plan...
56 Z dala od azteckiego biomu, won do domu! Go Out Or Die Miracle Aztec octopus-plant
Garet and Hund have long been planning to find the legendary Aztecs of the biomass. When the first one with the directions of the other arrives there, he disappears in unexplained circumstances. Daphne is constantly asking "Was that irony?" because the girl does not know the word.
57 Coś gorszego niż dom strachów Trick Or Trick! Upiorności SuperLama
Dorota Szelągowska arranging the house of Heather for Halloween is attacked and kidnapped by objects. Wolfgang, the husband of Natalia Munch, is joking from Fred's costume. When things get worse, objects come to life, and SuperLamers are arriving!
58 Sejmowa zagadka This Is Too More For Me Kurczaki i ziemniaki Hoverguy
The UE is celebrating the next anniversary of the Smolensk catastrophe. In this all broke the Hoverguy, which acts as an airbag. Daphne assumes his own party and has the strongest support from the citizens.
59 Czas urlopu Vacation Time! Get it right Philip's Harem
Friends are going on vacation to the Granite Cascades. Unfortunately, the big statue of the Philip's Harem comes to life and terrorizes the forest area. Velma accidentally poisoned deadly for human fruit...
60 Psia zaraza Dogs Everywhere Ludzie psy Dog People
Strange dogs, which after biting a man change him into one of their rascals in Cracow. The purpose of their parade is a concert of children with disabilities. Daphne, to confuse these animals, has to sing on stage as the first song of the Ludzie psy (ang. Dog people).

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