Hey There, Scooby Doo! is a 2017 Mystery-Comedy children's cartoon that will have the same talking dog and the mystery gang that solve mysteries and hunt ghosts. Nick Palatas will reprise his role as Shaggy Rogers. The show stars Frank Welker, Nick Palatas, Alexander Ludwig, Bella Thorne and Hailee Steinfield.

Main Cast Edit

Frank Welker as Scooby-Doo - a unique dog that can talk. He is a brown great Dane, with black spots, and has a blue collar with a diamond shaped dog tag. Though he first spoke broken English, often mumbling and adding the letter "R" to the beginning of his words, he began to learn better English, even learning to speak full sentences. He often acts cowardly, running from mysteries, and is always hungry, especially for Scooby snacks.

Nick Palatas as Norville "Shaggy" Rogers - '''a geeky outcast and a slacking member of the gang and Scooby-Doo's best friend, whom he shares many traits with, including the fact that he would rather eat than solve mysteries, often trying to avoid mysteries. He has romantic feelings, and later a relationship, with Velma. Like his original iterations, he often wears green shirts or jackets, and brown pants.

Alexander Ludwig as Fred "Freddie" Jones - '''the leader of the Mystery Gang and the quarterback of the Football team. Fred is strong and smart, and is often the one that comes up with the traps used to capture the creatures. In this iteration, Fred commonly wears a blue shirt and a white jacket with an orange stripe on the left side and two orange stripes on the sleeves.

Bella Thorne as Daphne Blake - a red-headed fashion drama queen, that comes from a wealthy family. She has romantic feelings for Fred, who is often oblivious of her feelings. She often wears a purple jacket, skirt, and headband, with a green belt and shirt.

Hailee Steinfield as Velma Dinkley - a science wiz and computer nerd. She is highly intelligent and is often the one to solve the mystery of the people behind the masks. In season 7, she began dating Shaggy. She often wears orange, with red skirts, and has glasses that she is very prone to losing.

Season 1 Edit

Episode    Title

The Phantom of The Orchestra Scooby and the gang all go to London, England to see Velma's British cousin, Casey perform at the talent show at the Orchestra of London. Meanwhile on their trip, They hear about a story of the ghost of an escaped prisoner named Daniel Richards who is reported to be found dead in the Orchestra in London in 1865. Now his ghost returns wearing a black fedora, black cape, black blazer, black pants, red vest, white button up shirt, black gloves, and a pale white mask that covers a part of his face and his powers are flying, telekinesis, causing lights to cut off, causing thick smoke for his appearances on stage, and disappearing into thin air. He is nicknamed The Phantom of Daniel Richardson who is trying to scare all the talent show contestants away and steal the trophy which is made of real gold that is worth 500 grand. It's up to the Mystery gang to stop The Phantom
The Pumkinheaded Man That Walks at Midnight Scooby and the gang are entering a pumpkin carving contest at the pumpkin patch where they are the only contestants because people have been saying that a man in a black overcoat, a pumpkin head, and carrying around the sword is out to scare people and it's powers are bring pumpkins to life. Scooby and the gang have to who is the pumpkin headed ghost and why are they trying to shut down the pumpkin carving contest.
The Headless Horseman of the Rodeo Scooby and the gang are going to Arizona to see a huge, epic rodeo that they have been wanting to see for months. But unfortunately they have to shut it down because the ghost of a rodeo contestant that died from a stunt that has gone wrong and decapitated him 100 years ago has returned to scare people out of the rodeo. People say that the rodeo is haunted by the ghost of the rodeo contestant and it scares off everybody that dares to enter the rodeo. It's up to Mystery Incorporated to find out who is the headless horseman and why the head searching spirit are scaring people off from the rodeo.
Attack of the Ventriloquists Scooby and the gang head to Germany where Shaggy's great uncle, Thumas owns a store with ventriloquists dummies and he wants to make them 5 special ventriloquist dummies that he has made himself and wants to give them to Mystery Inc. for being so loyal and kind towards his nephew. People in the village where Thumas lives says that they should shut down his ventriloquist store for good and destroy all his puppets and dummies. The reason they want to shut down the store is because during the night, several people have been saying that small dark figures with sinister red eyes are destroying public property and robbing stores. The only clue that they have of that it was the ventriloquist dummies and puppets is that in one store that got robbed, they found a pile of wood chips and string knowing that whoever is causing the chaos is not human.

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