Horrible Hillbilly
Horrible Hillbilly

Character Info Edit

Identity Actually two, one all a robot, under the mask was another robot that looked like Fran, and it was Milligan, and the other was connected to a truck controlled by Jovelin McGonald
Motive Milligan: To have revenge on Mr. B for taking his recipe as his own

Jovelin McGonald: Because he hated Mr. B

Appearances Hillbillies And Ham
Type Ghost
Location Mr. B's farm

The Horrible Hillbilly was a ghost of an old farmer who was looking for revenge on Mr. B. He was later revealed to be both Milligan and Jovelin McGonald.

Physical appearanceEdit

The Horrible Hillbilly has rather dark beige skin, and he wears light blue overalls with a dark green shirt. His eyes are red and his mouth is all red. He carries around a pitchfork.

Powers and abilitiesEdit



Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

The Horrible Hillbilly is a complicated villain. He appeared in two places: the field, where he would go in circles, and in the farm buildings, where he looked more realistic. He was Milligan in the farm buildings, using Robot Fran, and Jovelin McGonald in the field, using his truck. (Hillbillies And Ham)


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