Jenny Gurken Troppcam
Jenny Gurken Troppcam

Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair Orange
Eyes Blue
Occupation Admission woman; former realtor
Affiliation Transylvanian Museum
Family Unknown
Played By (voice actor)

Jenny Gurken Troppcam is an admission woman at the Transylvanian Museum and a former realtor. She was a possible suspect for Dracula.

Physical appearanceEdit

She has strange orange hair, blue eyes and can have a huge smile on her face. She wears a purple jacket.


She is rather unkind when admissing tickets, but she has a huge simle.


Early lifeEdit

She was a realtor before she became an admission woman.

Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

She was an admission woman and mentioned by Falcon Waymen as a suspect for Dracula. (Ze Vampire)




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