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Jovelin McGonald
Jovelin McGonald

Character Info Edit

Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Black
Occupation Farmer
Affiliation His farm
Family Unknown
Played By Actor

Jovelin McGonald is a farmer. He was one of the Horrible Hillbillies.

Physical appearanceEdit

Jovelin looks almost exactly like Milligan, but usually has a straw in his mouth.


Jovelin is usually angry with Mr. B.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

He appeared when Fred and the girls were investigating the field, and droned on about how horrible Mr. B was. He was revealed to be the second Horrible Hillbilly when he tied a costume to the back of his truck and drove it around. (Hillbillies And Ham)



  • He might be based a bit off of the other farmer in the original episode.

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