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Episode GuideEdit

Chapter 1: Anne Bonny's Revenge - April 8, 2014 After, Being Accepted To Be A Publicity Stunt for Spook Central, Inc., Scooby & The Gang Meet Their 1st Mystery On The High Sea, When The Siren Ghost of Anne Bonny Returns & Starts Haunting Their First Stop In The Caribbean Sea,...Jamaica!

Chapter 2: A Haunting In The Louvre Musée - April 9, 2014 Their Next Stop...Paris, France, Where Strange Phantasms of Napoleon Bonaparte & The Duke of Phantasms & Their Armies Are Using The Area Around The Eiffel Tower As A Battlefield, Can Scooby & The Gang Stop Them Before Anybody Gets Hurt?

Chapter 3: The Library Poltergeist - April 10, 2014 The Crew Have Finally Arrived In The Big Apple, Where Everything Is Off It's Shell, When Characters From Famous Tales Are Coming To Life, & Terrorizing The New York City Public Library Including Captain Ahab, Long John Silver, Injun Joe, Frankenstein's Monster, Even The Horrible, Sinister Pair, Dr. Jekyll & Mister Hyde!

Chapter 4: Run Like An Egyptian! - April 11, 2014 Scooby & Shaggy Are All Alone, When The Statue of Anubis Comes To Life With A Curse & Turns The Rest Of The Gang In Stone Statues, Can Our Famous Pair Save Their Pals Before The Curse Gets Them!

Chapter 5: Scooby Goes To Las Vegas! - April 12, 2014 Scooby Says "Riva Rs Regas", In This Terroe Tale When Ghastly Gangsters Start Gunning The Town Down By Night!

Chapter 6: The London Larcenies - April 15, 2014 Scotland Yard Calls For The Gang's Help When A Spine-Chilling Specter Returns From The Grave To Finish What They Started, Yes That's Whom I'm Taking About, Bloody-Olde Jack The Ripper!!!

Chapter 7: The Terror by The Bay - April 16, 2014 Their Next Stop....San Francisco, Where A Fisherman's Ghost is Haunting Fisherman's Wharf, & Leaving Half The Population Broke As Can Be, & Worse Yet The Fisherman's Catch is Haunting The Golden Gate Bridge, & Making Innocent Bystanders Vanish in Thin Water?

Chapter 8: A Scare in the Outback - April 17, 2014 Scooby & The Gang Have Arrived In Australia To Two Freaky Mysteries, A Spectral Concert With It's Own Phantom Orchestra, In Sydney & The Fabulous Rainbow Serpent Is Haunting The Great Barrier Reef!

Chapter 9: Springbreak Terror - April 18, 2014 Scooby Is Having A Blast At Disney, Until The Ghosts of Cartoon's Past Start Haunting The Park! Why Is Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy & Pluto Scaring The Beloved Children, They Love Can Scooby Get To The Bottom Of This Before It's Too Late!

Chapter 10: When In Rome...Scream Like The Romans! - April 19, 2014 A Fiddle's Song Is Causing Bizarre Fires, All Over Rome, Italy, Can Scooby & The Gang Stop The Supposed Return of Emperor Nero!

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