This is a list of Monsters and villains in Scooby Doo Mystery Five.

Scooby Doo Mystery FiveEdit

# Episode title Monsters Villains
1 "The Wrath Of The Lifeless Lizard" Demon Lizard Man Joe
2 "The Curse Of The Conductor" Zombie conductor

Zombie Orchestra

Bob Presley

Sliver Sisters

3 "The Rise of Eyes that Died" Evil Eye Tom
4 "You Break you Die" Glass Ghoul Ms.Light
5 "One Lousy Benjamen" Ghost Of Benjamin Franklin Thomas
6 "The Demons Delight" Blue Worm of Death Mr.Le Bear
7 "When We Cry The End Comes By" The Sad Specter David
8 "Beware The Bleach from Below" The Bleach Jill Dinkley
9 "Reif Grein" Reif Grein Harry the life guard
10 "A Scooby-Doo Easter" Easter Ghost Mr.Minor
11 "What’s in a name? That which we call Death by any other name would Be as Scary" The Ghost of William Shakespeare Lady Gold Moon
12 "All Fear The Photo" Demon Photo Hank
13 "Devils And Scoobys" The Devil Professor.Shara
14 "The Video Game Ghoul" The Video Game ghost Henry
15 "The Dark Light Fright" The Dark Light Demon Mr.Magnus
16 "Steaming And Screaming" The Ghost of a ghost Steam James
17 "A Scooby-Doo Thanksgiving" The phantom of the thanks giving feast Brock
18 "The Chronicle of the Wraith" Wraith Dr.Hark
19 "Mystery Solvers, Next Finals" Mystery Master Grace
20 "The Violet of the Scarab" The Scary Scarab Van Formless
21 "The Lost Yeti" Yeti Carder Bart
22 "No Food! How?" Food Phantom Greg
23 "The Freeze Creature of the Crime" Freeze Creature Dell
24 "The Targeted UFO" Alien Jimmy
25 "Legend of the Masked Men" Masked Monster Roger

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