Lost in Space

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Episode Lost in Space
Series Scooby Doo Sparks
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Previous Episode Things Change
Next Episode Requiem for Vietnam

Lost in Space is the ninety-ninth episode of Scooby Doo Sparks. It is the seventh and final episode to guest star Josie and the Pussycats. The episode also guest stars Space Ghost, the Herculoids, and the Galaxy Trio.


Josie and the Pussycats have gone missing, and Mystery, Inc. is searching for them. Albert Thomas and Pepper Coleman join the team to search for them. Shaggy wants to show the band his collection of 20th century classical and popular music. Pepper's boyfriend, Sock Donaldson, discovers something shocking. The Pussycats are in space. With the assistance of Space Ghost and his sidekicks as well as the Galaxy Trio, the newly expanded Mystery, Inc. goes into space and tracks the Pussycats to Amzot, the home planet of the Herculoids, who are friends of Space Ghost. The Herculoids are trying to help the Pussycats who have been shot down by the evil Zorak. Zandor explains to Space Ghost and Mystery, Inc. that Zorak is the leader of a genocidal insectoid race called the Zorathians who seeks to conquer the galaxy. As bad luck would have it, Zorak has set his sights for Earth. Our heroes head back to Earth to stop Zorak before he wipes out humanity. But even with the help of the Pussycats and the Herculoids, can Mystery, Inc. and Space Ghost defeat Zorak?


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Culprit Motive/reason
N/A Zorak is real.


  • Although his last name was created specifically for this episode, Sock Donaldson is a pre-existing character from the Josie and the Pussycats comic book.
  • Albert Thomas, Pepper Coleman, and Sock Donaldson join Mystery, Inc. in this episode.
  • This episode is the backdoor pilot for a spin-off series starring Josie and the Pussycats.
  • This episode is also the backdoor pilot for a spin-off series starring Space Ghost.
  • This episode is also the backdoor pilot for a spin-off series starring the Herculoids.
  • This episode is also the backdoor pilot for a spin-off series starring the Galaxy Trio.


  • Riverdale, Wisconsin
  • Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • The Moon
  • Amzot
  • Ghost Planet

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