The gang arrives to Professor Yin's laboratory,where he tries to create a teleporter.Unfortunately,a Mad Scientist keeps sabbotaging it.The gang are given a tour by Smith and Jin.When Smith goes to bathroom,the Mad Scientist appears.In the bathroom,Smith was nowhere to be found.Instead,Shaggy found a metal inside the hamburger;same metal as the Teleporter is made from.They suspect Smith,but when the monster appears,they run,and bump into Smith;this proving he wasn't the culprit. Smith says he was attacked by the monster,so he ran from the bathroom,and that's whey they didn't found him.

The next day,The Gang finds an old video,when Professor Yin was interogated about the Teleporter he will make,the second time.In the video,Professor Yin tried how hard he could to change the subject.Then the gang realized.

That night,they prepared a trap,and captured the Mad Scientist.They unmasked it,and it was revealed to be Professor Yin itself.

He annouced he'll do a teleporter back then.Then he realized it's imposible,but didn't wanted to stop,cause the people will say he's a liar,so he invented the Mad Scientist,so he would have a good reason to stop from building it.It was all about proudness.

Cast and Characters:Edit

  • Scooby Doo
  • Shaggy
  • Daphne
  • Fred
  • Velma
  • Professon Yin
  • Jin
  • Smith



Why he could be the culprit:Dissapeared before the Mad Scientist appeared.

Why he couldn't be the culprit:Was in the same room as the monster


Professor YinEdit

Motive: Couldn't actually make a teleporter,but didn't wanted the world to call him a liar,so he created a good reason to stop making it.


  • It is believed that this episodes happends in America
  • Professor Yin left fake hints,so Mystery SRL. would think Smith was the culprit.
  • Professor Yin's intentions were evil.

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