An episode of Scooby-Doo! TTJ


  • Fred: well, its over. we cant go to the water park.
  • Gang: aww...
  • (The mystery machine is sitting in the grass. an old man walks over to it)
  • Old man: the name is McNabbit. I can fix that van of yours.
  • Daphne: that would be groovy!
  • Velma: how much?
  • McNabbit: I'll fix it for free.
  • Shaggy: like, people only do stuff like that when a monster is around and ruining them.
  • Scooby: Yeah!
  • McNabbit: No monster here.
  • (Daphne walks around and sees come car doors. a man with brown hair taps her on the back)
  • Man: Im Geoff, be careful, don't run into those doors.
  • (Geoff drop his bag and papers come flying out. Velma and Daphne pick them up and put them in his bag)
  • Geoff: Thanks alot! Hey McNabbit, you said my car would be fixed in two hours! It's been 3!
  • McNabbit: Sorry Geoff...
  • Geoff: I'm sorry for yelling at you...
  • (Geoff walks away and a limo drives up)
  • Daphne: Oh my gosh, it's Linda Wasworthy!
  • (an old woman exits the car)
  • Linda: glad to see a fan. McNabbit, why did you smash my car and replace it with this crap?
  • (Linda points to the limo)
  • McNabbit: It looks the same.
  • Linda: the copy was perfect in every way but one, the paint!
  • (Linda storms off and a man comes over)
  • Man: McNabbit, stop fixing cars! People need to use bikes!
  • (the man storms off)
  • Daphne: Jeepers, who was that?
  • McNabbit: Biker Joe.
  • (a creature made of scrap car parts comes over and starts smashing stuff up)
  • Creature: Beware McNabbit!
  • (then the creature zooms away)
  • McNabbit: Oh no, if that creature comes back, I'm ruined!
  • Fred: Let's split up gang.
  • (pretty soon, Velma, Scooby, and Shaggy are investigating. Scooby walks over to Velma who takes a paper off his nose)
  • Velma: I've solved this mystery!
  • (Fred and Daphne run over)
  • Fred: It's time to set a trap, Scooby and Shaggy will dress up as cars and lure the creature into my net.
  • Scooby: No way!
  • Fred: you wont get to the waterpark if you don't do it!
  • (soon, Scooby and Shaggy are dressed as cars and are running from the creature. They chase it into a net. McNabbit comes over)
  • McNabbit: Who's been ruining me?
  • Fred: why not find out?
  • (McNabbit rips off the mask)
  • McNabbit: Geoff!
  • Velma: just as we suspected.
  • Geoff: How did you know?
  • Velma: The creature dropped one of your papers.
  • (Geoff hangs his head in embarresment)
  • Geoff: I was angry that you estimated my car fixing time wrong!
  • (a policeman comes and arrests Geoff. McNabbit looks at the gang)
  • McNabbit: Your van is fixed!
  • (later the gang is at the waterpark. Scooby is going down a waterfall)

Scooby: Scooby-Junky-Doo!

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