One-Eyed Ghoul
One-Eyed Ghoul

In action

Character Info Edit

Identity Rick Roberts
Motive To test the gang
Appearances The Ghoul's Eye
Type Ghoul
Location Rick Roberts' mansion

The One-Eyed Ghoul is a ghoul who wanted his eye back. Actually he was part of a scheme organized by Rick Roberts to test the gang.

Physical appearanceEdit

He wears a ragged black cloak and has dark green skin.


He is very scary but also sarcastic.

Powers and abilitiesEdit



Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

He stole the Farout diamond when Rick Roberts showed it to the gang and demanded his eye back in return for the diamond, leaving a list of clues. Actually it was Rick Roberts testing the gang. (The Ghoul's Eye)



"To get the diamond, find my eye! I need my eye!"

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