Peggy Jones

Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair Blond
Eyes Black
Affiliation Joneses
Family Skip Jones (father)
Fred Jones (son)
Played By Edie McClurg

Peggy Jones is the wife of Skip Jones and mother of Fred Jones. She is very practical and she is constantly taking pictures with her camera with a really bright flash.

Physical appearanceEdit

Peggy Jones is a middle-aged, plump woman with bright blonde hair (like her son and her husband). On vacation, she (like her husband) wears garish "tourist" outfits (floppy hats, hawaiian shirts, flip-flops, cargo shorts). She almost always has her flashbulb camera on hand. She also wears glasses.


Peggy Jones is very kind, with a bubbly personality and cheerful demeanor. She has a very sweet but slightly overbearing motherly manner towards not only her son (whom she dotes on) but the whole Scooby gang. Peggy is happily married to Skip Jones, although she seems to be the dominant personality for the couple. She is also a shutterbug: taking pictures at every opportunity.



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