This is the 1st episode in the series Jacob And Daphne.


It was summer break and Jacob decides to join the military but he has to hide it from Daphne


Daphne: Hey Jacob!

Jacob: Hey Daphne!

Daphne: How are you?

Jacob: Tired!

Daphne: Aww do you wanna go to bed?

Jacob: Not yet!

Daphne: Aww look cold.

Jacob: I am!

Daphne: Here's my jacket!

Jacob: Thanks Daphne!

Fred: Hey stay away from Daphne.

Daphne: Hey don't tell my baby brother what to do.

Fred: Shut up!

Jacob: No one talks to my sister like that.

Fred: She's my girlfriend!

Daphne: Not anymore!

Fred: What?

Daphne: You heard me every since Jacob has been living here you've been acting like a jerk.

Fred: He's an idot!

Jacob: That's it I quit!

Daphne: Jacob wait!

Jacob: I guess I'm not wanted here.

Fred: Good go!

Daphne: Jacob don't leave!

Velma: What's going on?

Daphne: Jacob quit because of Freddy.

Velma: Well he is joining the military.

Daphne: What? We better find him.

Fred: That is why I was acting like a jerk.

Daphne: How can you guys not tell me?

Shaggy: Because he wouldn't have known how you would've react.

Daphne: I cannot believe he is leaving his sister.

(After finding Jacob)

Daphne: Jacob!

Jacob: Sis?

Daphne: Jacob please come home.

Jacob: I can't I have to leave in two days.

Daphne: I want to spend time with you.

(After solving the mystery)

News reporter: Mystery Inc. has solved another great mystery.

Daphne: But the credit goes to my baby brother.

News reporter: Where is he?

Daphne: He is!

Jacob: Right here!

Daphne: Jacob your still here.

Jacob: I am!

Fred: We thought you left.

Scooby: So did I!

Jacob: My flight is delayed.

Daphne: Can I see you privatly?

Jacob: Yes!

Daphne: Thank you for always being here for us when we are in a tough situation Jacob.

Jacob: Your welcome!

Daphne: I'm going to miss you baby brother.

Jacob: I'm gonna miss you too Daphne.

Daphne: Jacob?

Jacob: Yes Daphne?

Daphne: I need hug I'm starting to cry.

Jacob: Come here sis!

(Daphne begins to sob in Jacob's arms)

Daphne: Jacob I don't want you to go.

Jacob: I know Daph!

Daphne: I've always want to join the army.

Jacob: Oh about that I signed you up too Daphne.

Daphne: Really?

Jacob: Yes! I will never do anything without my sister.

Daphne: I love you Jacob!

Jacob: I love you too Daphne. Oh here take your jacket back.

Daphne: Keep it you need it.

Jacob: Thank you Daphne!

Daphne: You're welcome baby brother.

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