Pool Ghoul
Pool Ghoul

Character Info Edit

Identity Trent Desmond
Motive To close the pool
Appearances SDOM: Coolsville's Pool Monsters
Type Ghoul
Location Biggest Pool Ever

Not to be confused with the Cool Ghoul.

The Pool Ghoul was a monster haunting the Biggest Pool Ever. He was actually Trent Desmond.

Physical appearanceEdit

It is a dinosaur-looking creature with fins and dark and light brown skin.


The creature likes to yell a lot and pull people under the pool, laughing as it does so.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

It can hide in the pool expertly.


Scooby-Doo! Original MysteriesEdit

Season oneEdit

He was haunting the Biggest Pool Ever and almost everyone had run away except for Jane Werk. The gang solved the mystery and exposed him as Trent Desmond, who wanted to close the pool. (Coolsville's Pool Monsters)


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