Queen Chrysalis' fortress is the interior of the changeling queen Chrysalis (Kathleen Barr), which serves as her secret hideout and hidden citadel. This battle arena made its first debut in Scooby-Doo and the Changeling Queen.

Arena interactionsEdit

In Scooby-Doo and the Changeling Queen, Queen Chrysalis' fortress features four arena interactions. From farthest left to right, they are:

  • A glass jar containing a maggots, which can be thrown at the opponent with it.
  • A lit bamboo torch that can be used to strike the opponent with it, setting them on fire.
  • Marluxia's scythe that can be used to swing at the opponent with it.
  • An empty glass bottle that can be thrown at the opponent with it.


  • Larxene's kunai knives, Clayton's shotgun, Myles Standish's shotgun, Roxas' key blades, Xion's key blade, Axel's ring blades, Sora's kingdom key, Prince Hans' sword, Splinter's staff, Donald Duck's staff, Goofy's shield, Maleficent's staff, Jafar's king cobra snake staff, Ursula's trident, Ra's Al Ghul's scimitar, Saix's sword, Shishio Makoto's sword, Kenshin Himura's sword, Xaldin's lance, Hector Barbossa's cutlass, Mulan's sword, Shan Yu's sword, Michelangelo's chained-sickles, Karai's sword, Donatello's staff, Yuna's pistols, Rikku's daggers, Paine's sword, Tidus' sword, Shuyin's sword, Sephiroth's masamune, Cloud Strife's sword, Zachary Fair's sword, Vincent Valentine's pistol, Yuffie Kisaragi's giant shuriken, Aerith's staff, Raphael's sais, the Shredder's helmet, the Shredder's claws, the Shredder's boots, the Shredder's armor, Casey Jones' hockey stick, Sailor Galaxia's sword, Sailor Galaxia's helmet, Sailor Galaxia's gauntlets, Sailor Galaxia's boots, and Sailor Galaxia's armor can be seen in the background.

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