Quest-Ear is the first episode of Life goes Wrong for Mystery inc


  • Scooby and Shaggy are taking a walk through the town.
  • (sound effect: ringing phone)
  • Shaggy puts phone up to his ear.
  • Shaggy: like, Lilly Quest-Ear! You want to? Goshokay!
  • Shaggy puts his phone away and says "that girl, Lilly Quest-Ear. She wants to go eat pizza with me!
  • Scooby: Ha! good luck shag my boy. you may be cool, but can you do this? I mean, can you get her to like you?
  • (cuts to Shaggy eating pizza with a girl)
  • Lilly: oh my god, theres so much on this menu!
  • a waiter brings two huge glases of water. shaggy gulps his down.
  • (cuts to Lilly and Shaggy taking a walk (Shaggy seems nervous))
  • Shaggy (in mind): im so nervous!
  • Lillylooks at shaggy and says OMG, you wet your pants!
  • shaggy (ind mind): I'm so nervous, did she say something?
  • shaggy looks down and sees his pants are all wet.

lilly: I cant belive this. the one guy i think is cool cantevenhold his bladder?

  • lilly runs off.
  • Shaggy: Gosh, i was too nervous! I peedmypants!
  • (cuts to shaggy coming home)
  • scooby: you peed it, didnt you?
  • shaggy: yeah, peed it means i messed up. I really peed it.
  • shaggy takes his pants off and realizes his underwear are all wet and lilly walks by the window.
  • lilly: he did it twice!

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