Episode Info Edit

Episode 204
Series The Three Scoobies
Written by Care bear heart
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Previous Episode The After Hours
Next Episode Take us out of the Ball Game

Runaway Monster is the eighteeth episode of The Three Scoobies.


While visiting Wyoming, the gang learns there are rumors about ghost dolls are scarying people in Colter Bay Village. And as they begin to investigate, Scooby, Dum, and Scrappy meet an unloved little girl whose ran away from home for understandable reasons. Can these little playroom toys of horror have a connection to this little runaway?


Insert details here.


Suspect Motive/reason
Ms. Lloydson her unpleasant attitude
Reuben and Thelma Falleni they wouldn't worried about their missing daugther
Culprit Motive/reason
Valentina MacWilliam and her followers as the Ghost Dolls to scare Emily out of town forever and would not come back

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