Sandra Quincy
Sandra Quincy

Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Occupation waitress
Affiliation Unknown
Family Talisa Quincy (mother)
Franklin Quincy(father)
Gracie Quincy (baby sister)
Played By Julie Bowen

Sandra Quincy is the oldest daughter of Officer Franklin Quincy and a childhood friend of Shaggy Rogers.

Physical appearanceEdit

Insert details here.


Sandra is a sweet teenage girl and only scared everyone Gracie and the mystery gang due just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first, Sandra was very determined to be one of the popular girls, only realize in the end that if being popular means breaking her friends and family's bonds, then it isn't worth anything.


Early LifeEdit

She met Shaggy Rogers when she was 5 years old when she transferred to his class. While everyone ruthlessly pranked her, Shaggy would share his large lunches and would play with her on the swings.

The beast keeper in my houseEdit

In order to become part of the popular girls at school, Sandra accepted a bet of theirs to be on Le Parfait, an extreme diet. But she began to starve really bad, so she disguised herself as the Beast Keeper to pig out snacks without the stalking popular girls knowing. In an odd twist out of remorse, her dad and the gang not only didn't arrest her, but arrested the popular girls causing all of the episode's events.



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