Scooby Dee

Character Info Edit

Gender Female
Hair White
Eyes Blue
Occupation Actress
Affiliation Acting
Family Dada-Doo (uncle)
Mumsy-Doo (auntie)
Scooby-Doo (cousin)
Scooby-Dum (cousin)
Scrappy-Doo (second cousin)
Yabba-Doo (cousin)
Whoopsy-Doo (cousin)
Ruby-Doo (cousin)
Dixie-Doo (cousin)
Dooby-Dooby-Doo (cousin)
Johnkaboy1992 (fan love interest)
Played By Grey DeLisle / Janet Waldo

Scooby-Dee is Scooby-Doo's a actress cousin.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Scooby Dee has white fur, deep ocean blue eyes, a long white tail, and pointy ears. She wears a pink collar with a heart-shaped name tag. During special occasions, she wears a blue fur collar with the same heart-shaped name tag.

Scooby Dee's collarEdit

Scooby-Dee Original Pink Collar Scooby-Dee McGrath Foundation Pink Collar Scooby-Dee McGrath Foundation Collar


Scooby-Dee is very sweet and kind.


Scooby Dee's Photo AlbumEdit

ScoobyDee ScoobyDee2 ScoobyDee3 ScoobyDee4 ScoobyDee NSW Blues ScoobyDee QLD Maroons ScoobyDee McGrath FoundationPinkScoobyDee McGrath Foundation WhiteScoobyDee McGrath Foundation ScoobyDee5Scooby Cousins Scooby Dum and Scooby DeeScooby Dee Sydney SwansScooby Dee Hawthorn HawksScooby Dee Love herartsAustralia Scooby Dee Scooby Dee Mcgrath Foundation 10th Birthday Scooby Dee Game Card NRL Grand Final Scooby Dee Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs NRL Grand Final Scooby Dee South Sydney RabbitohsScooby Dee5ScoobyDee6ScoobyDee Update Photo069 - Scooby DeeScooby DeeScooby Dee14070 - Scooby DeeState Of Origin Scooby Dee NSW VB Blues 2State Of Origin Scooby Dee QLD XXXX Maroons 2Kate and Scooby DeeVivid Scooby DeeScooby Dee Holden State Of OriginThe Scooby Dee McGrath Foundation Pink2The Scooby Dee McGrath Foundation White2The Scooby Dee McGrath Foundation2Tumblr nsn3o4zb7K1rsbyn6o1 1280Scooby Dee West Coast EaglesScooby Dee Hawthorn Hawks2NRL Grand Final Scooby Dee Brisbane BroncosNRL Grand Final Scooby Dee North Queensland CowboysUpdate Scooby Dee Game CardScooby-Dee Plush dollScoobyDee7Scooby Cousins2ScoobyDee8ScoobyDee9ScoobyDee10ScoobyDee11ScoobyDee12

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