"Scooby-Doo! Around the World" is an upcoming animated series based on the original Saturday Morning Cartoon, Scooby-Doo! Where Are You!, from The Scooby Stories Company, scheduled for 2015 starring the original Mystery Inc.


The episode list of the first season was released by The Scooby Stories Company on July 25, 2013.

Season One (2015)Edit

# Title Place Original Air Date
1 Casino Town Las Vegas, United States September, 2015
2 Beware from the Siesta! Mexico City, Mexico Fall, 2015
3 The Ghost of the Carnival Rio De Janiero, Brazil Fall, 2015
4 Zoinks, It's the Gorilla! Johannesburg, South Africa Fall, 2015
5 Mummified Scooby Cairo, Egypt Fall, 2015
6 Vampire Attack! Transylvania, Romania Fall, 2015
7 Night of Horror Budapest, Hungary Fall, 2015
8 Mountain Scooby Murau, Austria Winter, 2015
9 The Snow Phantom is Here! Stavanger, Norway Winter, 2015
10 Land of Ghosts Chillingham, United Kingdom Winter, 2015
11 Royal Scooby London, United Kingdom Winter, 2015
12 City of Love Paris, France Winter, 2015
13 The Curse of the Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands Winter, 2015
14 The Evil Lives! Berlin, Germany Winter, 2015
15 The Freak of Tuscany Tuscany, Italy Winter, 2015
16 Beach Scooby Trogir, Croatia Spring, 2015
17 The Monster of the Diamond Moscow, Russia Spring, 2015
18 Chinese Adventure Shanghai, China Spring, 2015
19 The Ghost of the Samurai Tokyo, Japan Spring, 2015
20 On Air Sydney, Australia Spring, 2015
21 The Land of the Sea Pacific Ocean Spring, 2015
22 Dead Souls Agra, India Spring, 2015
23 Perfect Weekend Honolulu, United States Spring, 2015
24 Cowboy Adventure Dallas, United States Spring, 2015
25 The City of Stars Los Angeles, United States Spring, 2015
26 Home, Sweet Home! Coolsville, United States Spring, 2015

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